RadMD is a comprehensive management services organisation (MSO) addressing all aspects of imaging used in clinical trials for pharma, biotech, and medical device industries

RadMD manages all trial imaging aspects, including both site and central imaging reads.  They act as your in-sourced radiology team, and are “first on call” for all imaging issues.

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RadMD in numbers


trial designs and analysis


site personnel trained and qualified


subspecialty expert readers exclusive to RadMD


global regulatory approvals

Summary of RadMD services

RadMD provides customized solutions for each trial and is the recognised global source for expert physicians to perform independent image and clinical data reviews.

RadMD has a broad experience in oncology, neurology, cardiovascular, and medical device trials and are global leaders in imaging diagnostics clinical development.

Our offerings

  • Develop prospective imaging risk mitigation strategy
  • Early imaging signal detection streamlines go/no go decisions
  • Total imaging management – both site and central
  • Blinded Read Paradigms
  • Managing site/central results discordance
  • Reader performance management
  • Imaging regulatory strategy with 50+ countries’ experience

“RadMD has consistently and continually raised the bar on medical imaging services in clinical trials by focusing on high-value expert image analysis and trial results. Now as a Medica company, we are excited to bring new client services to the marketplace.”

Rick Patt MD
Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs