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Established in 2004, Medica Group consists of four entities: Medica UK, RadMD, Medica Ireland and JCA Seminars. Medica UK offers teleradiology and digital pathology services. RadMD specialise in imaging for clinical trials, expediting drug development. Medica Ireland, offer comprehensive patient scanning and diagnostic services. JCA Seminars offer medical education through the delivery of seminars both virtually and in person, at locations around the world.


Medica UK

Medica UK provide market leading teleradiology and digital pathology services by connecting healthcare professionals and organisations with talent and technology. With more than 20 years’ experience, we deliver fast, responsive, quality assured and cost-effective teleradiology and telepathology.


Medica Ireland

Medica (Ireland) is Ireland’s leading teleradiology services provider, a leading provider of managed service to the HSE offering unrivalled access and value through our high-quality, patient centred services in a range of locations. Connecting and supporting clinical professionals and patients to ensure the best possible care.



RadMD are a leading global expert on imaging in clinical trials. When you work with RadMD, we become your in-sourced radiology team. We are first on call for all imaging issues, allowing you to focus on all the other elements of your clinical trial.


UAE, India, AUS & NZ

We have a network of radiologists in India. We also have a growing presence in Dubai and partners further afield in Australia and New Zealand. Our bespoke virtual desktop infrastructure, (a technical platform that can be deployed to overseas reporters), is our solution to information security abroad.


JCA Seminars

Our radiology CPD courses offer a range of clinical imaging seminars, available to support radiologists, cardiologists, registrars and radiographers from around the world in gaining CME. We have virtual courses and luxury retreats.


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